Customer Testimonials

"They truly go above and beyond to support their customers."

"They always deliver on-time."

"It’s clear that they really care about what they do."

We have developed a great relationship with Duval Precision Grinding. They stand out—not only in the quality of their services but in their daily performance. We enjoy working with Duval for their excellent customer service, timely communication and the overall quality of their workmanship. They truly go above and beyond to support their customers. We would absolutely recommend Duval Precision Grinding as a high quality facility. Everyone there strives to exceed their customer’s expectations.

Tom Meyer

Director of Supply Chain & Program Management, Blair Ind. -HSM Machine Works

Harmonic Drive has benefited from working with Duval in multiple ways. They always deliver on-time, their pricing is very competitive, and they provide the kind of rigorous quality that is required for our designs which have very limited tolerancing. From my experience, working with Duval feels like we are working at the same company in different departments. I can discuss projects and designs with them and decide on a course of action that we mutually benefit from—both financially and ease of manufacturability. I have recommended Duval Precision Grinding to my colleagues and to additional departments throughout our company. I recommend them because of past results, scheduling flexibility and most importantly, the quality of the product that they produce.

Tom Fleming

Manufacturing Engineer, Harmonic Drive L.L.C.

Duval Precision Grinding is different from other vendors because they will always take our call. Even if they are busy, we can be confident that they will get back to us the same day. They really try to accommodate us. They are a very knowledgeable grinding house and because of this there’s no need to go visit. They understand our parts. We would definitely recommend Duval because they are very friendly, and they will work with you to guarantee that your parts will be handled properly. It’s clear that they really care about what they do.

Richard Francoeur

Supply Chain Administrator, ATI Forged Products - East Hartford Operations

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