Precision is our only product.

For over 70 years, Duval Precision Grinding has been a leader in precision grinding services for OEMs in aerospace, military and defense, power generation, capital equipment production, and more.

Precision Grinding Services

Closeup detail of an aerospace component fixtured for CMM inspection after precision grinding services.

NADCAP-Accredited Grinding

Conventional Machining (Grinding) as a Special Process

Our History

Gerry Duval, founder of Duval Precision GrindingFounded in 1946 by Gerard “Gerry” Duval, Duval Precision Grinding serves a wide range of clients demanding the most skilled finish grinding for components used in aerospace, industrial equipment manufacture, military and defense, and more. Over 75 years the company has grown from a one-man, one-machine operation to a team of talented grinding professionals and engineering experts delivering the highest quality results in ID, OD, Surface, Jig, and CNC precision grinding.

Known for extraordinary dedication to quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Gerry steadily built up Duval’s reputation as a shop that would “do whatever it takes to return a good part!”

In 1990, the company moved to the current location in Chicopee, MA, under the expert management of Gerry Duval’s son, Ron. Through Ron’s guidance, the company continued to grow, bringing together the equipment, expertise, and certifications to meet the demanding requirements of industry leaders such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, and NASA.

In early 2000, the US Department of Defense commissioned Ron Duval to assist in the development of training for several precision grinding facilities owned and operated by the United States military.

Ron Duval retired in 2012, entrusting the company to the current owners group, who shared the Duval family’s commitment to excellence in workmanship and service. Since that acquisition, modernization initiatives have included investments in cutting-edge equipment and ongoing workforce development through OTJ cross-training and company-sponsored educational opportunities. Duval Precision Grinding has flourished under the leadership of CEO Malcolm Getz, who has successfully run several of the owners group’s various investments.

Today, Duval’s day-to-day operations are managed by a cross-functional team of experts in grinding, engineering, and process development who oversee a team of disciplined grinders with an average of 26 years of industry experience carrying on the Duval family legacy to “do whatever it takes to return a good part!”

Duval Precision Grinding

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