ID Grinding Services


ID Grinding Experts with Decades of Experience

Duval Precision Grinding is a leader in precision internal diameter grinding, commonly known as ID grinding. A deep bench of highly trained machinists with decades of experience and the most sophisticated ID grinding equipment available enable Duval to offer tight-tolerance ID grinding on any material, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel and high-strength alloys, as well as all coating and plating types.

Precision ID Grinding Capabilities Up to +/–0.0001

ID grinding is available for parts up to 30 inches in diameter and 24 inches in depth. Duval can size and finish parts up to tolerances of +/–0.0001, ensuring your part functions as designed.

  • Maximum Diameter: 30 inches
  • Maximum Length: 24 inches
  • Materials: All
  • Coating and Plating: All
  • Tolerance: Up to +/–0.0001
  • Cylindricity to +/–0.0001
  • Concentricity to +/–0.0001
  • Surface finish to 2 micro

Quality ID Grinding Service Process Control

All ID grinding services and measurements are performed in-house at Duval Precision Grinding in a strict, climate-controlled facility. When dealing with tolerances of up to +/–0.0001, even small variations in the environment can alter measurements and the grinding process. Maintaining a temperature of 68°F guarantees that all grinding work and measurements are consistent and accurate. Once the grinding is complete, our machinists measure and recheck the parts using a state-of-the-art CMM inspection process to ensure parts meet the customer’s precise specifications. At Duval Precision Grinding, the job isn’t done until it is perfect.

Advanced ID Grinding Capabilities

Duval Precision Grinding partners with coating and plating vendors and is capable of managing the process for clients preferring a single vendor for coated and plated precision parts requiring ID grinding. For those products that require additional coating or plating, Duval will grind and measure parts for tolerance after coating or plating has been added to ensure that the final product meets your required specifications. We focus on delivering perfectly ground and perfectly measured surfaces on every ID grinding job, as we know even a minuscule burr or protrusion can cause premature wear and the loss of functionality.

Reliable and Cost-Effective ID Grinding Services

Duval Precision Grinding has been a leading provider of precision ID grinding services for industries including aerospace, medical, nuclear, and power generation. We have OEM certifications from industry leaders including Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Westinghouse Electric, and others. Duval is the best choice for companies with critical parts and components requiring extremely high tolerances. Our reputation is built on the consistent delivery of precision grinding services with competitive pricing and on-time delivery. A customer should always know the status of their parts and be confident that it will meet their specifications. With almost thirty highly experienced and committed employees, Duval can perform your most demanding ID grinding jobs.

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How to Choose A Precision Grinding Vendor


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id grinding services for aerospace components

Close-up of an aerospace component during ID grinding.

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Eva is a highly experienced machinist and a member of the Duval grinding team.