Industrial Automation Equipment and Machinery Grinding

Precision Grinding Services for Industrial Automation Equipment and Machinery

Duval Precision Grinding works with clients in the industrial automation and equipment manufacturing industries to produce machinery and components with world-class precision.

In the automation industry, precision is critical. Industrial manufacturing and construction machinery OEMs need a reliable, world-class grinding solution to ensure efficient, low-cost production with no surprises or delays. Our precision grinders are expertly trained to pay meticulous attention to detail and produce complex components for our clients with rigorous exactitude.

Serving a Variety of Automation and Industrial Machinery OEMs

Reliable equipment keeps production lines moving. The expert grinders at Duval have experience with a wide variety of complex components from a range of industries. We have provided precision CNC grinding, ID grinding, OD grinding, jig grinding, and more, for manufacturers and machine builders that produce:

  • Production line equipmentengine seal grinding
  • Robotic components
  • Automated assembly equipment
  • Gears and gearboxes
  • Industrial valves and seals
  • Motor, engine, and actuator components
  • Sintered parts
  • Construction and drilling equipment

All of our grinding operations are performed by a certified staff in our lean, climate-controlled facility. As an organization with an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System, our team is accustomed to working with strict quality requirements and we apply rigorous attention-to-detail to every job. Every component we produce is subjected to a stringent, quality-assurance clearance process

Grinding is typically one of the final stages of the manufacturing process. Duval understands the importance of staying on schedule; we provide some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We can even expedite orders if your deadline is fast approaching. All of our grinders, technicians, and engineers are cross-trained to help them understand and support the entire grinding process, ensuring your components are completed efficiently.

ID, OD, CNC Grinding, and More, Designed to Suit Your Needs

At Duval Precision Grinding, we believe in customer service customized to meet your needs. Our relationships with our customers are our top priority. We strive to keep communication as clear and transparent as possible to ensure total customer satisfaction. Engineers on staff will work with you to help develop more efficient production processes, and provide consulting on the best grinding procedure for your unique components. We will even develop custom tooling and fixturing for optimal part handling during the grinding process.

For the optimal solution to your precision grinding needs, contact the experts at Duval Precision Grinding today.

Industrial Automation Equipment and Machinery Grinding Experts

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