Grinding Tools and Fixtures

The Right Grinding Tools and Fixtures for the Job

The skilled machinists at Duval Precision Grinding understand that correct handling techniques are of utmost importance to avoid damaging parts or unintentionally altering results. With tight tolerances, precision surface finishes, and complex geometry, even a slight scratch or imperfection could drastically affect a final measurement. To avoid these unintended consequences, Duval’s expert staff has extensive experience in customizing grinding tools and fixtures to accommodate any part.


Expert Handling from Start to Finish

From the moment a shipment enters Duval’s facility in Chicopee, MA, it is kept at a constant 68°F to eliminate any subtle fluctuations in the material’s surface. Procedures are then developed for grinding tools and fixtures specific to the needs of each individual part. In many instances, handling procedures and universal fixtures can be modified to correctly protect surfaces and ensure that parts remain secure throughout the grinding and finishing processes. For complex parts or unusual sizes and shapes, custom grinding tools and fixtures are designed to make certain that each part is handled by the same, exacting standards.

Duval’s Grinding Tool and Fixture Experts

With a combined 300+ years of grinding experience, Duval Precision Grinding experts possess a deep understanding of matching grinding tools and fixtures to meet each part’s unique needs; they know that handling should never be an obstacle. Our commitment to protecting and securing parts correctly allows customers to trust that every job will be completed promptly and with precise, repeatable results. This wealth of experience in grinding and grinding tools allows Duval Precision Grinding to take on the toughest tasks; often our team will be sent work from other shops that provide in-house grinding but for whom complex handling and ultra-precise specs are too challenging. Unique tooling and fixturing processes have been developed in-house over the lifetime of the company, and this experience translates to faster turnaround times and savings for customers. By selecting Duval for challenging tasks that require specific tooling and fixturing, customers save valuable resources and gain peace of mind knowing that jobs will be completed onsite by an experienced team. No money or time will be wasted shipping the job to additional facilities.

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How to Choose A Precision Grinding Vendor


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