Aerospace OEM Precision Grinding Partner Program


Duval has long been the precision grinding partner of choice for OEMs producing complex aviation components for the aerospace industry, including landing gear, turbine components, and engine seals, among others.

To support and encourage the growth of many of Duval’s OEM partners, we’ve launched the Aerospace OEM Partner Program, further focusing our resources and development on our scheduled, recurring program work with aerospace OEMs.

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Experienced Aviation and Aerospace Component Grinding

Precision grinding is an art that we have mastered over the course of seven decades in operation. When you work with Duval, you won’t just get a reliable, reputable partner,  but one that’s dedicated to high-quality grinding and accurate part production. Our expertise in program development, process engineering, and precision grinding come together in the Aerospace OEM Grinding Partner Program, making Duval the ideal partner for aviation parts and components.


Aerospace OEM Grinding Partner Program Core Principles

Collaborative Scheduling

Detailed pre-planning of part arrival and work schedules; OEM forecasts and annual delivery schedules are used to guide long-term planning, which reduces the probability of unexpected delays.

Responsive Service

Work with a service team that knows your name. You’ll have direct contact with the process engineers and experts that perform the work, and never have to worry about miscommunication. 

Quality Assurance 

Our precision grinding processes and inspection methods comply with stringent quality standards. Our grinders’ have developed unmatched attention to detail through years of experience in highly-regulated industries.

No-Cost Evaluation

Our expert process engineers are ready to develop a plan for you. Contact us today to learn how planned production in our Partner Program can take your aerospace manufacturing to the next level.

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The Rigorous Quality Standards Aerospace OEM Expect

Quality is behind everything that we do, and we exceed the rigorous standards that aerospace OEMs expect out of their finished parts. We have a Quality Management System that is ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D certified and we are NADCAP accredited, so you can rest assured that your flight-critical components meet all of the necessary standards to operate safely and reliably. Above all, we consistently exceed the expectations of our clients by performing challenging grinding work while adhering to the high-quality standards and prompt delivery schedules our customers demand. It’s all part of the advantage of partnering with Duval Precision Grinding for your aerospace part needs.

Aerospace OEM Precision Grinding Program RFQ

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