Transmission Casings

Precision Grinding Services for Aerospace And Custom Equipment Transmission Casings

The team at Duval Precision Grinding has decades of experience performing high-end precision grinding operations on complex aerospace components. Our grinders have the knowledge and experience in both computerized and manual precision grinding to provide flawless product results every time.

Transmission Casings for Aerospace and Custom Equipment casings are complex components that are integral to the transference of power from the engine through the transmission. In aerospace applications, they are typically made of a lightweight material, such as aluminum, magnesium or various grades of steel. Hard coatings and platings can be applied to improve wear resistance. Chrome, plasma, steel liners or nickel are some common surface treatments used when producing transmission casings.

Duval Precision Grinding can work with a wide variety of materials and coatings. Grinding operations and product handling are conducted with the utmost care to prevent any damage to potentially brittle surface coatings. Stringent observation of proper handling and grinding techniques ensures the integrity of the part and reduces the chance of damaging the product during transport.


Custom Tooling and Fixturing Ensures Optimal Product Results

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We have the capability to meet requirements for extremely tight tolerances and challenging geometries. Grinding processes are designed specifically with your parts in mind, including custom tooling and fixturing that our grinders can produce when needed. Our robust quality assurance process has been developed based on our experiences with the aviation industry, so you can rest assured that your parts have been completed to your exact specifications.

At Duval, we do whatever it takes to return a good part. For the highest quality results in precision grinding for aerospace and custom transmission casings, contact the experts at Duval Precision Grinding today.

Transmission Casing Precision Grinding for Aerospace and Custom Equipment

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