CMM Inspection Services


CMM Inspection Services for Precision Grinding

Duval Precision Grinding specializes in extreme precision grinding and utilizes cutting-edge coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) to ensure that every part meets or exceeds a client’s needs. Skilled operators take every aspect of the process into account to assure specs are met on time, the first time, every time. CMM inspection allows for the most precise, comprehensive measurements—regardless of part size and shape—to provide accurate, reliable results.


Cutting-Edge Digital Inspection

Duval Precision Grinding employs the most current CMM inspection methods by utilizing a scanning probe and traditional touch probe to allow for full scanning capabilities. These combined techniques guarantee the most accurate readings possible. The scanning head allows Duval to scan diameters without being restricted by the limitations of the touch probe. Quality-assurance checks at Duval Precision Grinding are performed by a highly qualified CMM inspection programmer/operator with over thirty years of experience in the aerospace industry. This high level of training means that every part will be treated with care and tested to the most exacting standards. CMM inspection allows Duval’s skilled operators to perform complicated measurements that would be impossible with conventional equipment. True-positioning systems designate a specific coordinate on each part from which all other points are called; this locates exact multi-axis measurement. Our CMM inspection services can also digitally compare real-world measurements to CAD models to precisely match design specs.

Dedication to Excellence

Duval Precision Grinding is dedicated to excellence and committed to providing the highest-quality service to our customers by understanding each customer’s product requirements, consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations for product quality, and providing timely delivery. Continually innovating and improving the effectiveness of processes and methods to increase customer satisfaction is a daily goal for every member of the our team.

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Global Advantage coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

State-of-the-art coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are used to ensure accurate results.