New Process Development

What Is New Process Development?

Developing processing strategies for new customers involves coordinating with the clients to facilitate the smooth transition of product specifications and requirements. When a quote comes in, our team works with the potential customer to best understand their project and develop an effective, achievable, and economically viable solution.

New process development depends on two essential processes: Collaboration with the customer, as well as other vendors, and process engineering. New process development allows Duval Precision Grinding to integrate new customers into our workflow and begin working on parts the moment they arrive in our shop. Our grinding experts work with each customer to understand the individual needs and goals of every project. These streamlined processes, individualized for each new customer, are a part of why Duval Precision Grinding is able to deliver unwavering quality within agreed timelines.

Why Do New Customers Choose Duval Precision Grinding?

New customers approach Duval Precision Grinding because of our reputation for successfully tackling the most challenging jobs. Our expert precision grinders, CNC programmers, and engineers consistently meet strict certification requirements, complex specifications, and tight deadlines on a daily basis.

When customers come to Duval, they are seeking high-quality precision grinding results that will fit reliably within their production timeline. Due to the nature of the service, precision grinding is typically one of the last phases of the supply chain, which means our customers are often looking to make up for earlier delays. Break-in and expedited services are available if required.

What makes our services special is the depth of experience and the efficiency of the Duval Precision Grinding team. When clients work with Duval, they have access to highly trained engineers, professional support personnel, experienced CNC grinders, and expert precision grinders with years of industry experience. This high level of experience means our team is equipped to develop processing strategies uniquely suited to meeting your exact specifications.

What Can New Customers Expect?

One of the most important pieces of the new process development phase is communication. It is vital for our team to work closely with our clients so that we understand all goals and achieve all specifications.

Developing a new process begins with an assessment of a customer’s individual requirements and expectations. During this stage, our engineers will also discuss the ways by which production will plan, schedule, grind, and finish their part. Before any work begins, our engineers must determine the need for special tooling and fixturing, additional finishing processes, or outside services. To make these determinations, some questions we ask our clients may include:

  • What specific precision grinding services are required?
  • Will there be any plating or special material considerations?
  • What resources are available to support transition?
  • What are the timing requirements necessary to meet your production goal?

We assess the full scope of every project and develop all applicable instructions. Having a concise set of work instructions and an overarching production plan in place before any work begins means our team can begin production immediately and ensure a complication-free workflow.

For the highest level of precision and reliability, contact Duval Precision Grinding today.

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