CNC Grinding Services

Precision CNC Grinding Services for High-Volume and Complex Solutions

Duval Precision Grinding uses computer numerically controlled grinding machines, better known as CNC grinding machines, for high-volume precision grinding. Conventional ID, OD, and surface precision grinding techniques are typically used for precision grinding on lower-quantity jobs with multiple features. CNC precision grinding is typically used for recurring precision grinding jobs requiring extreme, repeatable accuracy. CNC grinding services are also used for accuracy on difficult parts such as those requiring contour grinding, angles, tapers, spheres, radii, and shutoffs. The exacting digital nature of a CNC grinding machine ensures efficient processing that is consistent, repeatable, and identical every time.


The trained experts at Duval Precision Grinding will choose the method of precision grinding that will achieve your objectives, match the initial cost of setup, and meet your specifications. Operator programming for precision grinding with a CNC machine takes longer than with other machines, but is the best way to deliver efficient, consistent output on recurring program work. No matter the method, though, the customer can expect to receive a properly completed product.

CNC Precision Grinding Capabilities

Duval Precision Grinding uses CNC grinding machines by companies like Okamoto and Kellenberger. The Okamoto cylindrical grinder can handle items up to 60″ long and up to 12″ in diameter. The Kellenberger CNC grinding machine is more universal, able to handle parts up to 14″ by 60″, and perform cylindrical grinding, OD grinding,  grinding, and rotary surface grinding.

Beyond Blueprints—Precision CNC Grinding Solutions

Duval Precision Grinding will push the limits of grinding to meet your CNC-precision-grinding needs. Experimental coating, plating, unusual or challenging shapes, and high-pressure deadlines may cause other shops to back away, but our experienced machinists are masters of their craft and eager for tasks that allow them to prove their skill and deliver precision results in accordance to all specs.

Choose Us for CNC-Precision-Grinding Services

Many Duval Precision Grinding employees are second- and third-generation machinists who bring their own lengthy experience measured in decades. This history of grinding experience makes Duval Precision Grinding the pinnacle of high-quality CNC-precision-grinding services. You can rest easy, knowing that your precision grinding is being performed under optimal circumstances and by an experienced Duval team that completes every job on time, every time. Do you require precision grinding production runs that require extreme precision, timeliness, and consistent performance? Contact Duval Precision Grinding today.

Do you require precision CNC grinding services?

How to Choose A Precision Grinding Vendor


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How to Choose A Precision Grinding Vendor

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Derek is a CNC programmer at Duval, shown here operating a Kellenberger Kel-Vista.

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Nuclear reactor component in for CNC grinding service.