OD Grinding Services

Precision OD Grinding by Expert Machinists

At Duval Precision Grinding, our experienced grinding experts perform all types of precision outer diameter (OD) grinding. Duval is able to provide high-tolerance OD grinding between centers on all materials, coatings, and platings, at up to 31-inch diameter and 90-inch length.  For face plates, OD grinding is available up to 30 inches in diameter and 50 inches in length.

OD Grinding at Extreme Tolerances Including Plating and Coating

Outer diameter precision grinding by Duval is the grinding service of choice for companies who need their parts to meet extremely tight tolerances. At Duval, our expert precision grinding staff is able to grind and finish to tolerances up to +/–0.0001, ensuring that finished parts integrate flawlessly with larger systems. This includes checking measurements and regrinding each part after the coating or plating process to guarantee an even and consistent coating that keeps the product within the required specs. Experienced machinists and operators make sure that the final product, including its plating or coating thickness, meets your precise specifications. Duval Precision Grinding consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations due to its special tooling, standardized handling procedures, and expertly trained machinists working in a climate-controlled grinding shop in Chicopee, MA.

OD Grinding Capabilities


  • Diameters: from 0.009–18″
  • Maximum length: 90 inches
  • Materials: All
  • Coating and plating: All
  • Tolerance: Up to +/–0.0001
  • Concentricity to 0.001
  • Cylindricity to +/–0.0001
  • Surface finish to 2 micro

Face Plate

  • Maximum diameter: 30 inches
  • Maximum length: 50 inches
  • Materials: All
  • Coating and plating: All
  • Tolerance: Up to +/–0.0001
  • Concentricity to 0.0001
  • Cylindricity to +/–0.0001
  • Surface finish to 2 micro

Climate-Controlled OD Grinding Services

All of Duval’s precision grinding services are performed in a climate-controlled environment, with an ideal temperature of 68°F maintained at all times to ensure the most precise grind and finish possible on all parts. This degree of attention to detail sets Duval apart—once outer diameter grinding is completed, all parts are carefully measured to ensure they meet the customer’s precise specifications.

Decades of Experience Across a Variety of Industries

For over seventy years, Duval Precision Grinding has been a leading provider in precision OD grinding services for flight-critical aerospace components and for other various industries, including medical, nuclear, and commercial usage. At Duval, we believe that no customer should ever have to question the status of their parts or whether they meet their specifications. With almost thirty employees and over 300 combined years of experience, the skilled machinists at Duval will perform your OD grinding jobs with meticulous attention to detail from the first product to the last in a batch of hundreds.

Do you require precision OD grinding services?

How to Choose A Precision Grinding Vendor


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Bob is one of the highly experienced grinding machinists at Duval.

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A nuclear reactor component at Duval, ready for grinding services.