Customer Relations

Duval Precision Grinding’s Promise

At Duval Precision Grinding, building strong customer relationships is our highest priority. We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations on a daily basis. Our strong focus on transparent communication with customers is reflected in one of our core values: Customers should always know the status of their parts and that their parts will meet their specifications. Duval Precision Grinding’s focus on customer service extends to every facet of our business, converting first-time customers into loyal and recurring business, time after time.

Duval Precision Grinding’s Mantra

Not just a blueprint company: a solutions company.

Clients come to Duval Precision Grinding for a supply-chain solution for parts that require precision grinding. If your part is bare metal or has a coating or plating, Duval Precision Grinding can provide precision grinding services capable of meeting superfinishing standards. When you need a precision grinding solution for your parts, contact Duval Precision Grinding.


Duval Precision Grinding Performance

Duval Precision Grinding customers expect consistent, high-quality parts; on-time delivery; and competitive pricing. At Duval, we make certain that our customers are never confused or concerned with the status of their orders. When a customer calls, our phones are answered by real people—not machines or automated menus. If the answer to a question is not immediately available, someone will always provide a response in a timely manner.

Many clients approach Duval Precision Grinding when a project is already behind schedule. This can cause tensions to run high, but we keep communication open and make our staff available to clients to relieve the stress of uncertainty about parts meeting specs or being delivered on time.

Duval Precision Grinding understands customer relations and we know trust is something that must be earned. We work hard every day to earn and keep the trust of our valued customers and to give them the peace of mind that comes with knowing their precision grinding is in the hands of Duval Precision Grinding’s expert professionals. Contact Duval Precision Grinding today.

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How to Choose A Precision Grinding Vendor


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visual inspection system for parts after grinding services

Visual inspection system used for quality assurance after grinding services are performed.