Surface Grinding Services

Precision Surface Grinding Services by Experienced Professionals

At Duval Precision Grinding, we’re masters of all forms of surface grinding. Our equipment and our expert machinists can provide tight-tolerance surface grinding on all materials and coating and plating up to 24″ x 36″.

Duval can accommodate rotary surface grinding up to 12″ high and 30″ in diameter.

Surface Grinding Capabilities

  • Maximum width: 24 inches
  • Maximum length: 36 inches
  • Materials: All
  • Coating and plating: All
  • Tolerance: Up to+/–0.0001
  • Flatness to 0.0001

Rotary Surface Grinding Capabilities

  • Maximum width: 12 inches
  • Maximum length: 24 inches
  • Materials: All
  • Coating and plating: All
  • Tolerance: Up to +/–0.0001
  • Flatness to .0001
  • Surface finish to 4 micro

Surface Grinding Experts

The precision grinding experts at Duval rely on a combined 300 years of grinding experience in three forms of surface grinding to provide perfectly executed grinding services. Our team has the experience and knowledge to assess the ideal ways to perform surface grinding operations and tailor every process to the needs of each part.

While other shops may simply state that they are capable of surface grinding services, our precision machining experts understand that certain operations may be suited to different types of surface grinding. Our extensive experience as a provider of surface grinding services allows us to quickly and efficiently perform operations with multiple types of surface grinding or difficult-to-grind surfaces. At Duval Precision Grinding, we welcome all types of surface grinding jobs, from simple or flat surface grinding to the most complex parts. We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations every time.

A High Standard of Excellence

All surface grinding services are performed in our climate-controlled facility, which is maintained at 68°F year-round, ensuring the highest standard of accuracy and uniform results on large- or small-batch grinding. Our state-of-the-art quality assurance procedures are strictly enforced on all jobs, making certain that our surface grinding services produce reliable, repeatable results that consistently meet customer specs.

Do you require precision surface grinding services?

How to Choose A Precision Grinding Vendor


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How to Choose A Precision Grinding Vendor

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