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Precision Grinding and Repair Services for Critical Aerospace Components

Duval Precision Grinding has decades of experience in aerospace component grinding. Our company was founded in the aviation industry, where extreme precision is required to produce aerospace components to specification; this approach became the backbone of our approach to every job. From landing gears to complex engine seals, Duval’s precision grinders have the ability to grind and finish the aviation parts you need.

Aerospace OEM Grinding Partner Program

Duval Precision Grinding has been a trusted grinding partner for countless aerospace OEMs. By developing a planned grinding partnership, aerospace manufacturers leverage the expertise of Duval’s process engineers to collaboratively develop a program work schedule that will consistently meet production and delivery goals.

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Turbine and Jet Engine Seals

The size, complexity, handling requirements, and necessary tolerances of turbine and jet engine seals make them some of the most complicated aerospace components to produce. Our expert grinders are experienced in tight tolerances and complex geometry. Trust Duval for precision grinding any turbine or jet engine seal to your exact specifications.

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Landing Gears

In the aviation industry, everything depends on sticking the landing. Landing gears must be strong, flexible, and resistant to corrosion. Our team of grinding experts is able to produce landing gear components with high-quality coatings as well as provide heat treatments to increase the performance of certain alloys.

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