A leading manufacturer of torque calibration equipment faced a challenge when a seasoned engineer, responsible for the precision grinding of critical components, announced his retirement. This engineer had been performing the grinding tasks in-house, and with his impending departure, the company risked losing essential process knowledge vital to their operations. To ensure the continuity and precision of their product manufacturing, they sought a reliable partner who could replicate, document, and potentially improve their grinding process.

Meeting Precision Grinding Needs Amid Critical Personnel Changes

They needed to find a skilled replacement for their in-house grinding operations and establish a partnership with a company that could deliver consistent and precise results. Recognizing the importance of maintaining their high quality standards, the manufacturer contacted Duval Precision Grinding with a detailed quote request. The RFQ included multiple part numbers, each with similar geometries but varying in size. These parts, integral to their torque measurement tools, required meticulous surface grinding to meet stringent specifications. 

To kick off the process, the customer’s engineering team visited Duval’s facilities in Chicopee, MA. During this visit, they demonstrated their grinding process and provided complete specifications for the parts. They also welcomed Duval’s suggestions for process optimization to enhance quality and efficiency.

Project Execution: Delivering High-Precision Surface Grinding

Duval’s team set to work on the surface grinding project utilizing advanced techniques and machinery. They meticulously ensured that each part met stringent specifications by carefully squaring up the blocks of O1 tool steel. This level of precision was crucial to maintain the integrity and performance of the torque calibration equipment.

During the grinding operation, the team repeatedly rotated the blocks on a magnetic fixture to ensure uniformity. Using a qualified angle iron, they squared the edges to the existing ground flat and parallel surfaces. This method ensured that each part was perfectly aligned and met the required tolerances.

Ensuring Top-Notch Precision and Reliability

Quality control was paramount throughout the project. Duval implemented several measures to ensure the highest standards. Parts were pre-screened to verify sufficient stock for grinding and to confirm they were square. This initial step was crucial to avoid any issues during the grinding process.

DPG’s quality department conducted first-piece and final inspections to confirm that the finished products met the customer’s precise requirements, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability for the torque calibration equipment components. Duval provided certificates of conformance (C of C) and detailed inspection reports, ensuring full transparency and confidence in the final product.

The project, excluding engineering time, took approximately 37 hours to complete. The successful performance of this assignment led to additional orders for other part numbers, further solidifying the customer’s trust in Duval’s precision grinding services and establishing a solid foundation for a long and beneficial relationship. 

Why Choose Duval Precision Grinding for Your Grinding Needs?

Duval Precision Grinding’s commitment to precision and customer satisfaction is evident in every job they take on. They deliver top-tier results that meet or exceed the stringent requirements of industries that demand high accuracy and reliability. Duval’s dedication to quality is reflected in exceptional results, rigorous inspection processes, and responsive customer communication, which guarantees that Duval delivers only the best precision grinding services.

Trust Duval for Your Precision Surface Grinding Needs

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