When it comes to precision grinding, Duval is your go-to source. Recently, we completed jig grinding work for a customer who needed to repair a cutter spindle housing for some high-value manufacturing equipment.

The cutter spindle housing is an important part of a milling or boring machine. It houses the spindle, which holds the cutter holder or arbor.  A drawbolt and a jam nut are used to secure the holder and arbor to the spindle.

The operating environment for this part is inside the housing area under positive air pressure sealing. The outside of the part would be in the milling machine head area, where machining coolant and metal chips from machining operations would be present.

Grinding The Cutter Spindle Housing

The customer provided us with a technical drawing of the part and specified the final dimensions. With only a single workpiece, there was no room for error. Under close scrutiny we determined that the customer’s specs would not successfully remove all the wear on the part. However, complete restoration of the surface while maintaining cylindricity would remove so much material that it would impact the fit of the original bearings when the machine was reassembled. 

Our engineers collaborated with the customer to develop several possible solutions. They determined a custom replacement bearing in a larger size would be the most efficient and cost-effective option to achieve a press fit or interference fit.

Tight Tolerance Grinding For Interference Fit

An interference fit is a mechanical fit where the mating parts are slightly too large to slide smoothly past each other. When the parts are forced together, they deform until the fit is tight. This type of fit is often used in high-stress applications, such as engine blocks and gearboxes.

Additionally, the heat shrink assembly method would ensure the new bearings would have the most accurate and concentric installation possible. This method uses heat to expand the housing, which is fitted around the outside of the chilled bearing. As the components reach thermal equilibrium the housing contracts to interference fit around the bearing. 

A precise fit between the housing and bearing is critical to the function of the machine; if it is too big the cutter spindle will become misaligned and vibrate during operation, which could be catastrophic for the equipment.

Expert Precision Grinding Services For Every Industry

At Duval, we provide precision grinding services that serve a wide range of industries. Our ability to succeed under pressure and a commitment to providing quality service is our secret formula for turning first-time customers into lifetime customers. The Duval Precision Grinding team works with customers to achieve the best results, even when faced with difficult challenges.

In this case, we were able to remove all the wear from the customer’s cutter spindle housing and add years of reliable performance to their equipment through collaboration, communication, and creativity. If you have an important precision grinding project, trust the innovative engineers and grinding professionals at Duval Precision Grinding to get the job done.

Questions about our capabilities or how we can help you with your next job? Contact Duval Precision Grinding today.

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