Recently, a producer of electronic actuators stopped by our grinding facility to review operations. The OEM has been a Duval customer for nearly a year and the workload has been steadily increasing as their company continues to expand. The customer’s company is scaling up and had determined they would like to visit Duval Precision Grinding to view our processes first-hand to make sure we’d be ready to handle the increase in production volume.

Electronic Actuator OEM Seeks High-Volume Precision Grinding Services

Until recently, pneumatic actuators were the most common actuator type found in manufacturing assembly lines. However, the electronic actuator has seen a surge in popularity due to its rugged and reliable operations, simple installation, and lower operating costs.

  • Eliminating pumps, hoses, and valves
  • Flexible interfacing with various control systems
  • Highest precision-control positioning with an accuracy range of +/ 0.000315 in. and a repeatability of less than 0.0000394 in.
  • Networking capabilities
  • Feedback for diagnostics and maintenance
  • Complete control of motion profiles, including encoders to control velocity, position, torque, and applied force
  • Quiet operations
  • No environmental hazards or leaks

The client, experiencing steady growth in their industry, turned to Duval to ensure they would continue to receive their precision components quickly without sacrificing quality.

Scaling Up to Support Increased Demand

The client was able to review our processes in-house and discuss the details of how Duval can sustainably facilitate the ongoing growth of the customer company. They were pleased and impressed with the level of honest communication they received.

At Duval Precision Grinding, we do whatever it takes to turn in a good part; that includes growing with our clients to support their increased demand. On our side, Duval Precision Grinding has added new personnel to increase our sales and process engineering capabilities, as well as additional grinders and floor managers to keep up with increased volume in production. These changes have enabled us to maintain responsive customer communication, especially when demand increases and production timetables become more reliant on fast, flexible management and delivery.

After reviewing our operations on-site, the customer determined Duval was more than capable of handling the increased workload. They have been steadily scaling and ramping up their orders with total satisfaction.

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