The team at Duval Precision grinding is well-adapted to handling the pressure of producing critical components for some of the most advanced industries in the world. From landing gear and nuclear reactor components to complex medical devices, we seek to consistently produce flawless parts that fulfill the needs and specifications of our clients. Recently, a medical equipment manufacturer approached us with the task of performing precision grinding services on a centrifuge for advanced, industry-specific testing equipment. 

Maintaining Precision for Accuracy in Bioprocessing Centrifuge

Close up of a chemist using a centrifugeThe client required a series of grinding operations performed on a 7” by 20” casing for a centrifuge used in the bioprocessing and vaccine industry. Once assembled, the centrifuge would serve as a sterile, sealed environment to contain sensitive mammalian cells and biomolecules for testing and diagnosing purposes. 

The casing was made of stainless steel and required a pre-grinding ID and OD operation to prep the part for a hard chrome plating. Once plated, the part was returned to Duval for a follow-up ID and OD grinding process. All of the grinding operations had tight tolerance requirements of 0.0005” or less. 

Quality Assurance and Inspection Ensure Accuracy

When creating a completely sealed environment that must prevent contamination on a microscopic scale, every detail of the production process matters. Our team worked closely with the customer to ensure that the entire precision grinding process would proceed as planned, yielding the kind of high-quality component they required to complete their equipment. The part was also thoroughly inspected in our climate-controlled, quality assurance facility by experienced inspectors using our top of the line CMM

At Duval, precision is our only product. We have years of experience working for clients in industries where each specification must be met with rigorous exactitude. For more information about our precision grinding services for medical devices and testing equipment, contact us today

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