Where do you turn when you’ve staked your reputation on precision machining and need someone to restore your tools with the utmost accuracy? One company found out that the precision experts at Duval are the answer.  Duval was recently contacted by a precision machining company that specializes in aerospace and defense with locations on several continents. The work required a very specific level of precision, tapered concentricity within .0002” 8 micro inch finish or better. They knew the team at Duval had the taper grinding experience and knowledge to get the job done.

Achieving Precise Concentricity with Taper Grinding

The part in question was a 12-inch precision-ground mandrel with a tapered diameter made of hardened tool steel. This was part of a fixture used to hold an aerospace component in a machining operation at the customer’s facility. Tapered grinding itself presents a challenge, requiring specific methods including a secondary measurement setup to eliminate the risk of inaccurate readings. 

The work required intense focus on the part of the grinder to achieve accurate and precise concentricity, providing the opportunity for our most experienced grinders to cross-train a grinder with less experience in taper grinding and enhance the depth of our knowledge base. Expanding our grinders’ understanding of a challenging process ensures there will be overlap in shop expertise, allowing multiple grinders to have the requisite experience for similar jobs and ensuring that this important skill is preserved for the future at Duval.

Precision Grinding Experts Trust Duval for Challenging Jobs

Duval’s expertise attracts well-established precision machining companies. This customer counted on Duval to achieve their required level of concentricity and precision based on a history of meeting challenging specs and requirements. While we strive to exceed expectations on every job that comes through our doors, it stands as a testament to the skill of our grinders and process engineers to hear satisfied feedback from a customer that has built their name around accuracy and precision. If you need grinding and precision is of the utmost importance, contact the precision experts at Duval Precision Grinding today.

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