For many manufacturers an in-house equipment malfunction can bring operations to a complete halt, causing significant disruption to production schedules. Recently, a manufacturer producing flow and motion control products for mission critical applications contacted Duval Precision Grinding in search of urgent assistance. Specifically, the manufacturer experienced an unexpected machine failure that made it impossible for them to complete their complex precision grinding in-house. With no time to spare to wait for repairs or for a new machine to be delivered, the company reached out to Duval for help.

Rapid-Response Precision Grinding Keeps Production On Schedule

The part required OD grinding on tapered shafts for an ITAR-controlled military job, so prints had to be sent via courier rather than online to meet security requirements. This meant that Duval had to quote the parts quickly and process them as a high priority if they were going to meet tight production deadlines.

The geometry of the parts themselves presented their own share of challenges, with long shafts of various diameters and tight tolerances of 0.0005” or less. The material itself, monel, also had to be considered when developing a process plan to approach the work. There was little room for error and no time to waste, but it was nothing that the experienced grinders at Duval couldn’t handle.

Grinding Complex Tapered Shafts for Military Applications

The biggest challenge faced was in regard to taper measurements. This is largely because when a part is on a taper, and only 0.0001” needs to come off the part’s diameter, the decreasing diameter of the taper will often cause the gauge to shift further than what needs to be removed. Using advanced math and complex configurations, Duval’s team was able to ensure they would be able to meet the tolerance requirements for each part processed. This type of advanced grinding requires significant experience and planning—  the high level of expertise that Duval’s staff applies to each and every job they process.

If not for Duval, it’s likely that these mission-critical components would have missed their delivery deadline while waiting for the manufacturer’s in-house equipment to be repaired. Grinding expertise, not to mention willingness to quickly take on a job and do everything necessary to help out a valued client, has earned the team a continued relationship with this manufacturer. 

Are you looking for a grinding vendor that offers expertise, professionalism and experience? The team at Duval constantly strives to exceed the expectations of its customers on even the most difficult jobs. For more information, contact Duval Precision Grinding today.

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