Recently, a tier-one manufacturer—known for its ability to handle complex components and assemblies for engine applications in the aerospace industry—approached Duval for the precision grinding services of engine seals. The seals were complex knife-edge seals made of inconel, with plasma coatings only on the knife-edge areas.

Earlier Machining Operations Created Distorted Parts

precision grindingOur team of grinding experts is highly experienced with the tight tolerances and extreme precision required to produce excellent aerospace components, particularly for turbine and engine seals. However, the knife-edge seals sent by the client for grinding services arrived out of round. The distortions had created a warped shape in the part. Although this warping was not visible to the naked eye, our team was able to measure it using our advanced measuring equipment.

These distortions made grinding the already-challenging parts even more difficult. A practiced eye can usually adjust the grinding process to compensate for such distortions, but in this case, the previous machining operations had used up the entire tolerance limit and left little room for adjustment.

Consistent Communication Solves Production Challenges

Our sales and process engineer, Ray Provencher, worked with the customer’s engineering team to devise a new machining method that would produce the knife-edge engine seals without warping them. The new process improved the condition of the locating datums, resulting in less distortion of the parts.

At Duval precision is our only product. Our team is happy to provide clients with the support and experience they need to create lasting production process solutions, wherever problems may arise. For difficult aerospace components and more, manufacturers trust Duval Precision Grinding.

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