Duval machinists are encouraged to seek continued education in their fields as a way to stay up to date on the latest technologies and more. The newest addition to our team of grinding experts is Chris, a veteran of the manufacturing industry who has worked in the grinding and manufacturing of tight tolerance parts for more than four decades.

Chris may be new to Duval, but he is seasoned and capable of working with our extensive lineup of over forty-five different grinding machines. He has experience in ID, OD, jig, and surface grinding. His familiarity with tight tolerances has provided him with the knowledge of sensitive precision measurement equipment and the ability to read complex aerospace blueprints and part drawings. For him, grinding tight tolerances is an art form; he is looking forward to using his skills here at Duval.

Duval’s Grinding Team Stays Ahead with Hexagon’s CMM Training

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PC DMIS is the software protocol that powers Duval’s coordinate-measuring machine.

In any technologically advanced field, a continuous education is imperative for staying up to date on the latest evolutions of industry tools and programs. Recently, our chief inspector attended Hexagon Metrology’s four-day CMM 201 educational session, an advanced-level course for users of PC DMIS software. PC DMIS is the software protocol that powers Duval’s coordinate-measuring machine.

Advanced CMM Inspection: Hexagon’s PC DMIS Software Training

The course provided advanced training in the use of computer-aided drafting (CAD) models in programming. For instance, if a customer supplies a CAD model to Duval prior to manufacturing, an inspection program can be made offline. This step saves time when the actual part is made. The class also covered advanced dimensioning and alignmentprocesses that help meet all possible customer requirements for dimensioning and tolerance. When combined with the rest of Duval’s CMM inspection capabilities—including the use of a scanning probe and traditional touch probe—these robust inspection processes make customer satisfaction inevitable.

Trust the Grinding Experts at Duval

Our experts are passionate about their work. They take the time to learn and grow in an industry that is steeped in history but also quickly evolving with new technologies. The machinists at Duval are self-motivated, reliable, and able to apply their years of experience to new and challenging projects.

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