Duval has been in the business of precision grinding for over 70 years, and that’s no accident. That kind of longevity speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and can only be the result of one thing: consistently delivering accurate parts that meet and exceed customer expectations. That history of precision grinding excellence was exactly why a new customer producing refined electron microscopy equipment recently reached out for grinding services on some extremely sensitive technological components.

Process Engineering for Precision Grinding Electron Microscope Components

The customer contacted DPG with a request to grind two features on a chrome-plated cylinder with 2 IDs around 2” in diameter. This part will be used for electron microscopy equipment, using a vacuum to contain the lens cylinder and an electron beam to image the object being studied. The main bores were hard chrome plated and needed to be ground to size ±.0002. The print also called for a final flash chrome-plating over the remaining features for enhanced corrosion protection. 

The job began, like all new jobs, with a process development phase to make sure all team members are on the same page with goals and expectations for the final product.  Once the process development was complete, we began grinding the part. We first ground the locating face to qualify it and make sure that it would be accurate. We then ground the 2 IDs to size with careful handling to prevent damage to the chrome-plated outer surface. 

The Potential Pitfalls of Grinding Chrome Plated Parts

ID grinding chrome-plated components can be challenging because it is a very hard material, which means it is not only brittle but can also build up heat on the wheel quite quickly in the hands of an inexperienced grinder. To protect the integrity of the chrome surface we used specifically formulated grinding fluids to reduce heat buildup during the process. 

Grinding operations on all 5 parts were finished within three days. Once grinding operations were completed a final inspection was performed via CMM to be certain the parts matched the print in every conceivable dimension. After approval, it was time for us to carefully package and return the part to the customer, so it could be installed into an electron microscope.

Expert Grinding When Precision Matters Most

Duval Precision Grinding provides precision grinding services to a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical devices, defense & military, oil & gas, and more. Customers return year after year because they know that when precision is paramount, they can always rely on Duval Precision Grinding for superior finished parts. To speak with our engineers about grinding services for chrome cylinders or any other precision components, contact Duval Precision Grinding today


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