An aerospace manufacturer based in Connecticut approached Duval Precision Grinding with a significant problem. They had gone to another vendor for the precision grinding of custom, flight-critical engine housing components for helicopters. A chrome plate vendor error had caused them to be defective, rendering a high-volume lot unusable. The client had very little time to correct the mistake and needed a comprehensive, cost-effective solution. Duval Precision Grinding was there to help.

Aerospace Manufacturer Receives Defective Parts

The aerospace manufacturer had sent the components to a plating facility for a chrome plating application. Unfortunately, when the completed order was finally received, and the parts were finished and ground, we discovered the chrome plating to be inconsistent—some areas had too much; others had too little. Some parts had plating defects such as uneven, dimpled finishes; others had protrusions. The result was a batch of defective aerospace components that could not fit into the helicopter engines as planned.

Managing Supply Chains for Effective Solutions

Duval Precision Grinding has spent more than six decades cultivating relationships with reliable suppliers for secondary operations, such as coating and plating. In an industry where a single flaw can cause expensive delays and material waste, we understand the importance of finding service providers with results you can trust. In this case, our engineers reviewed the parts to determine the cause of the errors and worked with the customer to evaluate the requirements for the finished components. There was very little margin for error, as the customer needed to complete the manufacturing of the helicopter parts to meet a tight deadline.

Precision grinding experts worked with the customer and the plating vendor to establish new guidelines and parameters that would guarantee consistent quality and decrease the amount of chrome plating, reduce the time needed to grind the end product, and expedite the overall turnaround time. Duval performed several operations, including rotary surface grinding, flat surface grinding, radius grinding, and OD grinding. By simplifying the overall process and adhering to strict parameters for tolerance and plating finish, Duval was able to produce the required parts within a very short time frame.

Consistent, High-Quality Results

The customer was thrilled with the results. Their machinists and assembly operators unanimously agreed that all of the parts provided by Duval Precision Grinding met the necessary tolerances and had perfect surface finish. The manufacturing process for the customer was much easier with parts that fit easily and reliably into the assembly of the helicopter units.

For consistent, accurate results, contact Duval Precision Grinding. Our integrated coating and plating supply chain management simplifies the manufacturing process so that you can get the results you need, on time. Call or request a quote today!


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