At Duval Precision Grinding, we believe that investing in our employees is an investment in our future. With many manufacturing companies struggling to find qualified candidates due to the skills gap, it’s in our best interest to encourage growth and continuous education for our grinders and quality inspection specialists. Employees who communicate an interest in developing a new skillset or advancing their knowledge of a particular operation are given our full support and access to any resources we can offer. Recently, one of our youngest inspectors took a training course in Quality Inspection to better familiarize herself with our state-of-the-art coordinate measurement machine (CMM)

Investing in the Future of Our Employees

Breanna is one of our newest employees and has demonstrated a keen aptitude for the attention to detail and process adherence required for our quality inspection department. She has been mentoring under one of our experienced quality inspection technicians for several months. As a part of the training, she was provided the opportunity to further develop her skillset with a specialized course on the operation of the CMM. She readily accepted the challenge.

“Training opportunities like this really give you a better understanding of the machine and the process of working with it, which opens doors to new opportunities in your career,” said Breanna. “I really appreciate being given the tools to help me move forward to where I want to be which includes confidently and successfully maintaining the integrity of Duval’s inspection process.” 

The course was a week-long, intensive training session that reviews the ins and outs of operating a CMM. It took place offsite and was provided by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, who originally produced the equipment that we have on hand. During the course of her training, Breanna was able to develop a better understanding of the CMM’s functions and programming, as well as build her confidence using the machine itself. With her training completed, she now has the opportunity to use the CMM in practical applications to further grow her skills in quality inspection. 

Mentorship and More

Duval Precision Grinding is known for the quality, precision, and efficiency of our work. Using a combination of mentorship and specialized training courses, we’re able to increase the value and flexibility of each employee. By building on and encouraging the development of the interests and talents of our staff, we ensure that continuous improvement is an intrinsic part of our workforce. 

If you or someone you know is interested in a career in precision grinding, visit our careers page to learn more. 

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