CHICOPEE, MA, December 8—Duval Precision Grinding, a leading provider of precision grinding services for aerospace manufacturers and other industrial OEMs, announces the hiring of Jeff Hockenberry as Production Manager. Hockenberry will be responsible for scheduling jobs, providing technical support on the machine floor, production control, expedition of lead times, and coordination of outside services.

“We are elated to see how our company is growing,” said Ron Parlengas, president of Duval Precision Grinding. “By adding Jeff to the team, we’re not only contributing to our technical expertise, but the level of experience in the aerospace industry and flight safety critical parts for FAA. Jeff’s experience will also play a valuable role in managing a staff of significant size.”

Jeff comes to Duval with more than 20 years of experience in the machining and grinding industry, as well as FAA overhaul repair and aerospace manufacturing. He will be working closely with Brian Gamache, Duval’s current engineering manager, to maximize efficiency and expedite turnaround times for customer orders.

The growth experienced by Duval Precision Grinding over the last year and their continued efforts to match the increase in demand has enabled the company to add this new position, which will broaden the depth of knowledge and experience of the team at Duval. Jeff Hockenberry’s many years of experience will certainly be an asset to the team as they meet and exceed tight deadlines while excelling in overall reliability and quality.

About Duval Precision Grinding

Duval Precision Grinding is a nationally recognized precision grinding service provider for custom manufactured parts and aerospace components. Their expert staff of machinists is capable of providing precision ID grinding, OD grinding, surface grinding, CNC grinding, and more—with reliable and timely results. Duval’s range of equipment and the experience of its machinists enable them to perform the most complex grinding operations on any material or plating. Duval Precision Grinding is also  an FAA-approved repair station. Learn more about Duval Precision Grinding at

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