CHICOPEE, MA, June 22, 2016—Duval Precision Grinding, a provider of precision grinding services for OEMs in a variety of industries, is seeking experienced precision grinders and CNC programmer/operators. The company has a discerned focus on aerospace components as a NADCAP-accredited, FAA-approved overhaul repair station. Duval strives to provide innovative grinding solutions for precision-machined parts, which have included vital components for military helicopters, nuclear power plant systems, and high-performance space-rocket engines. A history of high-quality service and success has catalyzed a continuous trend of upward growth and has allowed Duval Precision Grinding to expand their staff of precision grinders.

“We actively seek opportunities to fill and create positions for talented individuals with unique aptitudes,” said Duval president, Ron Parlengas. “Innovative solutions to complex grinding challenges require a progressive and well-rounded staff. We are always looking for new skillsets and perspectives to add to the team.”

Duval Precision Grinding offers opportunities for career growth, with positions for talented candidates at any stage of professional life. Whether applicants have been serving in the industry for more than thirty years or less than three, all levels of experience are welcome to apply. The team at Duval works collaboratively to exchange ideas, envision solutions, and develop skills across a range of specialized tasks.

In the spirit of collaboration, Duval strives to provide a workplace environment that is nondiscriminatory and fair. Applicants are considered based on their available experience and skillsets, with no regard for race, religion, gender, country of origin, or age. Job opportunities with Duval include machinists, grinders, and positions in quality assurance and operational support fields. Apply today!

About Duval Precision Grinding

Duval Precision Grinding provides internal diameter grinding, outside diameter grinding, surface grinding, jig grinding, and CNC grinding services for a variety of industries. Duval is capable of working with ferrous metals, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and materials, and on any kind of coating or plating. Duval’s extensive range of equipment and more than 300 years of collective experience result in consistent delivery of tight tolerances on all operations. At Duval, precision is the only product.

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