Duval Precision Grinding has a long company history with grinding aerospace components. One of our specialties is radial and surface finishing of coated component samples which are later subject to tensile and fatigue testing by our customers.

Aerospace Components Undergo Rigorous Fatigue Testing

In metallurgy, fatigue is the progression of structural changes that may eventually result in cracks, fractures, or distortions. Fatigue and tensile tests are conducted on metals and components to determine approximately how many stress cycles a component will endure before experiencing structural failure.

Such tests are vitally important to the design and development of aerospace components. Aviation equipment undergoes extreme stresses and a material failure can have fatal consequences. To guarantee safe and reliable machinery, aerospace OEMs spend extensive resources on testing products and creating detailed specifications for component production.

The Right Surface Finish for Optimum Testing Results

Depending on the quality of work, grinding can have a beneficial or a detrimental effect on the results of a fatigue test. Improper grinding and surface finishing that leaves residual stresses or introduces flaws on the surface of the metal can exacerbate the propagation of cracks. An experienced grinder will be able to pay special attention to the final finish and remove any grinding flaws that may occur. Studies have shown that materials with surfaces strengthened by proper finishing techniques have a longer lifespan and higher fatigue strength than those that are unfinished.

High-Quality Precision Grinding Services Can Maximize Component Lifespan

In order to generate accurate fatigue test results, aerospace OEMs rely on the expert precision grinding services provided by Duval. Once the part specifications are determined, secondary companies will typically bid to manufacture them. As an approved and licensed FAA repair station (#D2PR310J) and NADCAP-accredited facility, OEMs can be certain that these processes will be performed to the highest standard at Duval Precision Grinding. These companies in particular trusts our grinding experts to provide reliable results, and regularly recommend Duval Precision Grinding to secondary manufacturers for grinding and surface finishing of components.

For the ultimate in precision for grinding and surface-finishing services, contact the experts at Duval Precision Grinding today.


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