CHICOPEE, MA, October 2017Duval Precision Grinding recently announced it has expanded its in-house grinding and inspection capabilities with the installation of new equipment and the additional of staff. This expansion is a response to an increase in aerospace and complex automation equipment grinding inquiries, which have continued to trend upward since a significant rise in demand last year.

To meet its customers’ needs, Duval Precision Grinding has invested in significant upgrades to its equipment lineup. It has also hired additional team members who will add bandwidth and expertise in several areas, especially grinding landing gear components and performing precision inspections. The new additions include, but are not limited to, a new profile projector (shadowgraph), new CNC operators, and new universal grinding equipment.

“We take customer relationships very seriously,” said Duval Precision Grinding president, Ron Parlengas. “Our customers told us what they wanted and now we’re here to deliver. We’ve got some of the best grinders in the industry out there on the floor and we’re making sure they have the equipment they need to produce outstanding results time after time.”

The new equipment includes a Mitutoyo shadowgraph, which enables very precise measurement of forms, angles, radii, and more. It utilizes light sensing technology to produce highly accurate readouts detailing various geometries for complex, precision components; it virtually eliminates risk of user error. A universal grinderpurchased from a customer who had freed up valuable shop space by outsourcing grinding operations to Duvalwas also included in the new equipment lineup.

Duval expects the new equipment and staff to further enable its ability to provide high-quality grinding services for existing customers without sacrificing precision or efficiency. The increased accuracy of the new inspection equipment and the additional staff will enable Duval to handle the rise in customer inquiries effectively and without delay.

Read the press release, here.

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