CHICOPEE, MA, October 2016An increasing number of aircraft manufacturers are turning to Duval Precision Grinding for landing gear precision grinding and surface finishing for landing gears. Duval is expanding its capabilities to accommodate this elevated demand, including the addition of new equipment to extend their OD, and jig grinding services.

“Aerospace OEMs trust Duval because of our longstanding reputation for excellence,” says Duval Precision Grinding president, Ron Parlengas. “Landing gears are a critical piece of equipment for any aircraft, and these manufacturers value a high level of quality in every step of the production process, including the grinding and finishing of parts.”

The precision grinding experts at Duval are extremely familiar with the aerospace industry and the challenges associated with producing aircraft components. Some landing gear manufacturing clients have been working with Duval Precision Grinding for more than a decade. Over the past year, Duval has experienced a significant increase of up to 70% in landing gear work. The company attributes its appeal to aircraft manufacturers to its recently renewed NADCAP certification, depth of experience, and consistent history of delivering quality parts on time.

In order to accommodate the growing demand for grinding services for landing gears and other flight-critical components, Duval has bolstered its grinding services with additional equipment, effectively expanding their OD, and jig grinding capabilities. This new equipment enables the company to process multiple jobs at a faster pace, thereby minimizing production turnaround time. The equipment also makes it possible for Duval to perform grinding services on parts of various shapes and sizes.

About Duval Precision Grinding

Duval Precision Grinding provides internal diameter grinding, outside diameter grinding, surface grinding, jig grinding, and CNC grinding services for a variety of industries. Duval is capable of working with ferrous metals, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and materials, and any kind of coating or plating. Duval’s extensive equipment line and more than 300 years of collective experience result in consistent delivery of tight tolerances on all operations. At Duval, precision is the only product.

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