Chicopee, MAMarch 2, 2016Duval Precision Grinding has been selected by a global aerospace OEM following a successful annual AS9100 certification audit showing no major findings. To date, Duval has never failed an AS9100 or ISO9001 audit, which is a testament to their longstanding commitment to surpassing customer requirements and expectations.

“The AS9100 is an especially important system-quality certification for manufacturers serving the aerospace industry,” said Duval Precision Grinding president, Ron Parlengas. “Duval does a lot of grinding work for aerospace customers such as Boeing, Rolls Royce, UTAS, DoD, FAA Repair Stations, and NASA, who have strict requirements. It is very important to us as a company to maintain the highest standards— keeping our customers safe and satisfied is a top priority.”

Duval’s mission to consistently exceed expectations drew the attention of a major aerospace OEM. The operation was moved from another grinding vendor who could not keep up with strict deadline requirements. In contrast, Duval Precision Grinding was able to meet the tight deadlines and tight tolerances required to win the job on a recurring basis, with future lots of 600 pieces each.

To keep pace with the rising demand for this type of high-volume CNC work, Duval has added three new grinding experts to their staff since the beginning of 2016. This has allowed them to expand their processing capabilities. The growth in staff has also enabled them to take on new clients while continuing to offer the speed and quality of work that the experts at Duval are known for.

About Duval Precision Grinding

Duval Precision Grinding provides internal diameter grinding, outside diameter grinding, surface grinding, jig grinding, planetary grinding, and CNC grinding services for a variety of industries. Duval is capable of working with ferrous metals, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and materials, and on any kind of coating or plating. Duval’s extensive range of equipment and more than 300 years of collective experience result in consistent delivery of tight tolerances on all operations. At Duval, precision is the only product.


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