At Duval, we believe that the true value of an employee comes from more than just the list of credentials on their resume. We have worked with relatively inexperienced grinders in the past, helping them to develop their knowledge and skillsets so that they can have the tools they need to do their best work on our floor. Time and again, we have found that investing the time and resources into training new hires from within produces exceptional machinists who become valued members of our team.

Recently, we took on a new hire who had just a few years of experience with general deburring & CNC Lathe operations but was eager to learn more.

In – House Training and Apprenticeship Programs Help Bring New Hires Up to Speed

Grinding Services for Aerospace HousingsAlthough Robert came to Duval with limited experience in CNC grinding, our management team determined that he had the right balance of mechanical abilities, logical thinking, and steady focus that, with a little training, would enable him to become an excellent grinder. 

In-house training and cross-training opportunities enable our employees to gain valuable experience from more advanced team members while they are on the shop floor. They are able to observe real work being done in real-time and given ample opportunity to gain the kind of hands-on experience that is crucial to learning new machining and engineering skills. 

Robert has spent the past several months shadowing a senior grinder to learn the ins-and-outs of operations at Duval. His progress was monitored by the senior grinder, as well as our engineering manager and our production manager. Thanks to his previous experience and his dedication to the task, he has learned quickly and is already taking on a more independent role on the team. 

“My training here at Duval has been great. I’ve truly enjoyed my time here and learned a lot, though I still have much more to learn. The best part of working at Duval is the people. Everyone on the floor and in the office is always more than willing to help you in any way they can. The people here really do go above and beyond to help.” – Robert Rich

Duval is willing to work with potential hires with any degree of experience in machining and manufacturing, so long as they demonstrate the right aptitude for the task. We are also willing to invest in outside courses that would benefit a motivated employee, such as blueprint reading, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing, metrology and more. We have access to resources from local vocational and technical schools as well as community colleges that offer courses in manufacturing, machining, certificate training, etc. 

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