Developing the skillsets of our employees in-house has been the best way to ensure we get the maximum performance value from all of our grinders. A diverse skillset enables our grinders to support one another across different precision grinding disciplines. It allows our team to work efficiently together to produce high-quality components for our customers. 

Precision Grinding Mentorship and In-House Training

toyoda id od grinding services machine

A Toyoda ID – OD grinding machine is one of many pieces of specialized grinding equipment at Duval

One of our employees recently took advantage of our in-house training opportunities to expand his capabilities. Erich has been with Duval Precision Grinding for three years, working primarily as a surface grinding and jig grinding specialist. However, recent demands for OD grinding work have increased, and the team has been strained to keep up with the demand. To help alleviate this bottleneck and improve his flexibility as a grinder, Erich opted to receive OD grinding training from one of our senior specialists, Steve. 

In-house training is beneficial for Duval and the employee because they are able to train alongside a more experienced team member while they are on the shop floor. This provides ample opportunity to observe OD grinding jobs in practice as well as hands-on experience that can be so crucial to learning new machining skills. Erich’s progress was overseen by the senior grinder, as well as our engineering manager and our production manager. With guidance and practice, Erich was able to demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in OD grinding within three months. 

The Benefits of Shared Experience

Diversifying Erich’s skillset has been highly beneficial to the company, as he has progressed exceptionally well as an OD grinding specialist. Cross-training an employee improves their value and flexibility on the shop floor while expanding Duval’s capacity to fulfill orders in a timely manner. We are committed to building a strong workforce that is able to benefit from one another’s experience and capabilities. We encourage all of our employees to pursue new skills within the field of precision grinding, and we are willing to provide support in their training however we can. 

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