Our team of grinding and manufacturing experts continues to grow as Duval Precision Grinding forges ahead into the second half of 2016. We’ve added personnel to help accommodate the increased demand for our reliable, high-quality precision grinding services.

Customer service and authentic communication have always been high on the list of values at Duval, beginning with the early client relationships built by Ron and Gerry Duval. This commitment to value-added service is still taken seriously, which is why we chose someone with the right knowledge and experience to act as our new sales and process engineer.

Enriching Expertise from a Rich Background of Diverse Manufacturing Skillsets

Raymond L. Provencher III’s strengths come from a solid manufacturing background with a diverse range of skills. In 1996, he graduated from Westfield Vocational Technical School as valedictorian of his class. He began his career in precision grinding as a journeyman toolmaker and has moved up through the industry by working in virtually every area: production, business development, management, and elsewhere. We are thrilled to welcome Ray and his exceptionally well-rounded skill set to the Duval team.

As Raymond developed his process engineering skills his role evolved into the production manager capacity. During his journey, he achieved his associate degree in mechanical engineering while also qualifying for his journeyman’s papers in tool and die making. The journeyman machinist certification is awarded through the state after a person has performed a minimum of 8,000 hours of machining incorporating a range of skills. While tallying his machining hous, he was able to take part in jobs for a diverse range of industries including aircraft machining, FAA overhaul, tooling and die making for metal stamping, and mold making; this resulted in a deep reserve of applicable knowledge and a familiarity with every level of these industries and practices.

Improving Operations for the Best Possible Customer Experience and Product Results

Ray’s main function will be working with new and existing customers to ensure parts are processed to their required specifications. In this role, Ray will focus on process evaluations, implementation of corrective actions, auditing outside vendors, and supporting customers from a technical standpoint.  His extensive knowledge of precision grinding operations and successful management strategies will enable Ray to provide insight and guidance in business and process development.

“Ray significantly strengthens our technical skill set and brings a wide breadth of knowledge to the table.” Ron Parlengas, President of Duval Precision Grinding.

Ray expands Duval’s capabilities and adds to a deep collective convergence of technical abilities. His strong foundational machining knowledge has made Raymond capable of discussing highly technical topics with customers, better allowing us to support customer needs and create reliable solutions. Other shops typically have a dedicated staff of grinders who focus on the machining work and a separate sales staff who are trained to work with customers. This can create difficulty in communication, as a strong salesperson may not understand the more complex technical aspects of grinding operations. Similarly, an engineer with technical abilities may lack the communication skills required to effectively collaborate with customers. Ray provides a unique blend of both worlds and gives Duval Precision Grinding a distinct advantage in customer communications.

Precision, Delivered on Time

Hiring Ray has created a bridge between business development, technical production, and customer service to facilitate smooth coordination and collaboration in all aspects of the business. As always, Duval Precision Grinding is ready to do whatever it takes to return a good part. With Ray on the team, we are better able to guarantee the best possible service to our customers.

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