Recently, Duval Precision Grinding was approached by a manufacturer of high-performance valves that are used in some demanding applications. The OEM required precision grinding and finishing services for their hard-clad plated balls, which are used in high-performance ball valves. At Duval, precision is our only product. We understand that your components need to integrate perfectly into larger assemblies or systems. Any errors or divergences from your precise specifications can cause costly production delays, material damage, or system malfunctions.

High-Performance Valves for Demanding Applications

CNC spherical grindingThe job required a series of complex grinding operations that would produce and finish metal spheres that could then be used in high-performance ball valves. These valves are integral parts of some of the most demanding system applications. They control the flow of liquid in hydraulic systems, refineries, cryogenic systems, water treatment plants, and nuclear reactors. If one valve were to fail or improperly control flow, the results would be expensive and, potentially, fatal.

Communication and Collaboration for Accurate Grinding Results

CNC spherical grindingThe customer’s specifications called for metal spheres with hard, proprietary-clad material coatings. Duval collaborated closely with the client, developing and producing multiple prototypes to perfect the grinding process before grinding the parts. Our expert machinists designed and fabricated customized cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels that could achieve the desired sphericity and surface finish. A sophisticated CNC grinding program was then created to rough grind and finish grind the part from start to finish without manual interruption.

The parts were coated with a new proprietary clad material that registers over 70 on the Rockwell scale. We began with a surface grind operation for a square, consistently parallel piece of metal. Next, the internal diameter was precision honed and measured for pinpoint locating. Finally, a CNC spherical grinding operation was performed to create a perfectly spherical outside diameter with a tight sphericity tolerance of 0.0001” and an 8Ra micro finish.

Fulfilling the Most Extreme Grinding Tolerances

The customer was thrilled with both the quality of their parts and the level of collaboration the experts at Duval demonstrated during all phases of the process. We are always available to work with our clients and we make it our mission to keep the client informed. This helps to streamline operations, avoid unnecessary labor and mistakes for both parties, and ensure the most accurate, reliable, and timely results.

Do you have a complex part that requires the best precision results to produce? Our precision grinding machinists will do what it takes to find a custom precision grinding solution for your product or component. Call or submit a request for a quote today!

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