Duval Precision Grinding brings an unparalleled level of experience and expertise to every grinding job. They were recently sought out to perform precision grinding for military aircraft components and demonstrated once again how they have earned their qualified reputation.

A client approached Duval Precision Grinding to help them bring a prototype for a new part for a bearing housing assembly to final specifications. Since this aerospace project was part of a larger design being assessed, each part needed to be carefully planned and produced individually so that it could receive the necessary testing before the equipment moved into production at scale.

Precise Specifications Govern Grinding for Military Aircraft Components

The client needed tight tolerance dimensions of less than .0005”, and they knew they could trust Duval Precision Grinding to deliver that level of accuracy. The request presented DPG with several challenges, which the grinding professionals called upon their expertise and experience in precision grinding for military aircraft to overcome.

The material itself presented obstacles: The part was to be made of M50 steel with high molybdenum content, which is used in bearing applications when fatigue durability is essential. It can commonly be found in bearings and other critical parts of missiles and aircraft engines.

This material required a high degree of precision and monitoring throughout the manufacturing process. However, without the correct tools and materials to complete the grinding, the material is prone to burning. This called for experienced grinders who understand how to achieve correct tolerance and necessary levels of precision without beginning to burn the metal.

Precision Grinding Challenging Materials for Aerospace Components

Experiments were carried out with burn tests to determine the best method to achieve the necessary grinding without damaging the material. To meet the required tolerances the right tools would be key, including custom-ordered grinding wheels that would be better suited for the unique characteristics of the material.

The job also required a Nital Etch test, known as Surface Temper Etch and Temper Etch. These non-destructive tests uncover any overheating that may occur as a result of inferior machining or grinding, which could impact the performance of the component. 

Trust The Aerospace Grinding Experts at Duval

Surface grinding operations, internal interior diameter grinding, and jig grinding methods were leveraged to ensure that the part would meet the specifications of the customer. The OEM was completely satisfied with the product that DPG produced and anticipates a steady increase in production volume over the next 18 months.

When it comes to grinding, our experienced grinders have the tools, expertise, and know-how to meet and exceed your needs. Contact Duval Precision Grinding today to get started.

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