Duval Precision Grinding (DPG) recently worked with a customer on a challenging inner bearing ring for a naval application. Duval Precision Grinding is registered ITAR compliant, with an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System, and offers an unmatched depth of experience in precision grinding for aerospace components, both commercial and defense-related. This combination of factors made DPG the perfect fit for the job.

Precision Grinding Services for High Carbon Steel Components

The customer was struggling to hold .0003 circularity & an 8-microinch surface finish on their lathe. The job could be performed via precision grinding or lathe but usually requires precision grinding since standard machine shop lathes cannot achieve these dimensions with the necessary accuracy. The parts also needed protective treatments to prevent rust due to the high carbon chromium alloy steel’s high susceptibility to corrosion.

Duval’s engineers reviewed the job and developed a processing plan with three distinct operations: rotary surface grinding, ID grinding, and OD grinding. The rotary grind, which the customer initially resisted, proved necessary for ensuring that the part would not distort and lose circularity when released from the grinding fixtures. DPG also had to be vigilant against rust during processing due to the high carbon steel material, as any speck of corrosion could have thrown off the dimensions.

The Challenges of Machining and Grinding High Carbon Steel

High-carbon steel is more susceptible to corrosion during machining and grinding operations because it contains a higher concentration of iron, making it prone to oxidation. The high levels of iron also lead to increased wear and tear on the machine tools, which can further contribute to corrosion by exposing the metal surfaces to moisture and oxygen. Additionally, heat generated during grinding operations can cause oxidation, leading to further oxidation from surrounding air particles. These characteristics make high-carbon steel especially prone to surface damage and degradation due to erosion or abrasion.

When grinding was finished, and the parts were thoroughly inspected and confirmed accurate, a special anti-corrosion treatment was applied and the parts were released to the customer.

Duval Precision Grinding: Unmatched Expertise in Precision Grinding Services for Aerospace Components

Through a combination of precision grinding services, collaborative engineering assistance, and quality workmanship, DPG successfully completed this job and delivered high-quality parts. The capabilities of Duval Precision Grinding are vast, and the knowledge base their in-house engineers possess is invaluable. 

Duval Precision Grinding (DPG) is the perfect choice for customers who need to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, circularity, and surface finish on their parts. With decades of experience in precision grinding services, a vast knowledge base, and dedicated adherence to regulatory compliance, DPG is the perfect choice for your challenging grinding operations. When it comes to precision grinding services for aerospace components, DPG can be trusted to deliver every time. Contact Duval Precision Grinding today to learn more about our precision grinding services. 

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