Precision ID Grinding Actuator Housings for Military Applications

Duval Precision Grinding is an ITAR registered company with AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications and is therefore fully equipped to meet the exacting specifications for producing military and defense equipment. As a Tier 2 aerospace precision grinding vendor, Duval is able to process orders for high-level aerospace military applications, including advanced equipment such as F-35 fighter jets. Recently, a customer approached us with a large order of actuator housings that required precision ID grinding to complete. 

Process Efficiency Maximizes Product Throughput for Large Orders

The actuator housings were made of a high strength casting steel alloy and were relatively small, with dimensions that fit within a 4” x 6” x 10” area. Although the parts were not very complex, they required ID grinding with tight tolerances, some as low as .0002”. Actuators are common components and can be found in many types of military vehicles. They are designed for tasks such as accurately adjusting the position of weaponry on tanks, reducing vibration during motion, and retracting landing gear in aircraft landing systems. 

The customer had a large demand for this particular part and had experienced issues with production delays when working through another grinding vendor. To ensure delivery on time, our process engineers worked closely with the customer to optimize the set-up and production grinding of this component. Duval’s comprehensive new process development strategy allows our team to understand the unique needs for every project and integrate new jobs into the workflow as quickly as possible. 

The customer was very satisfied with the components our team produced and they were very appreciative of the efficiency with which the order was processed. If you are seeking precision grinding services for military-grade equipment, contact the experts at Duval Precision Grinding today. 

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