An uptick in precision finish grinding activities may indicate a rebound for US manufacturers


CHICOPEE, MASS., AUGUST 18, 2020 – Duval Precision Grinding is proud to announce a recent increase in inquiries for precision grinding— a possible indicator that the United States manufacturing sector is in the early stages of restoring those supply chains that were disrupted by the sudden and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. This news has positive implications in terms of the manufacturing industry’s collective ability to not only return production facilities to operation, but to also safely bring as many employees back to work as possible, mitigating the current unemployment crisis. 

Duval Precision Grinding has been an industry-leading precision grinding provider, proudly serving the manufacturing industry for over 70 years. As part of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), Duval was in an ideal position to observe the impact of rolling shutdowns while remaining operational to support essential manufacturing operations during the onset of the pandemic. Still, it saw a national decline in inquiries for consumer manufacturing-related work in particular, closely mirroring what was going on in the industry as a whole.

As July progressed, however, the volume of incoming inquiries increased daily— especially high-volume component grinding for military and aerospace customers. This indicates that equipment production has resumed and has possibly intensified, both of which are excellent news for the months ahead.

Likewise, economic reporting indicates that domestic manufacturing may be at a turning point,  with the experts at Deloitte offering a cautiously optimistic outlook on the industry for the second half of 2020.

“We started off remarkably strong in the beginning of the year, but towards the end of February rumors started floating in. In March, we started hearing about our customers getting hit, especially in New York and California” said Ray Provencher, General Manager at Duval. “Now, we’re seeing good months and work is steadily increasing. It’s encouraging to see the industry start to recover and come back to life!”

Even if the Coronavirus surges and a second wave of the outbreak threatens production, Duval is based out of Massachusetts – one of the states that is currently maintaining a low new case rate throughout the summer. Organizational leaders are grateful for the opportunity to continue to act as a reliable and very valuable resource for essential industries, all so that they can collectively accomplish the most important goal of all: overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, and restoring the vitality of American manufacturing.

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