We were approached by a U.S.-based electronics manufacturing company with a request related to the surface finish of the parts it was creating for its electronics cleaning equipment. While size and profile were important, the request stood out as uncommon due to some very specific surface finish requirements. 

Precise Surface Finish Specifications

We were asked to restore the surface profile of 0.0002 over a 2-inch diameter by 20-inch (length) 400 stainless steel part. We went to work using OD grinding, and while the job only took us about 6 hours to complete, we had to be sure to practice enough patience throughout the grinding passes to achieve the exact profile and finish requirements that our client was looking for. This was a lot easier said than done, and it’s a task that couldn’t have been accomplished with the high level of success that we achieved without the experience, knowledge, and expertise of our grinding professionals.

Explicit Surface Finish Requirements Mean ‘Too Good’ Can Be No Good

This electronics OEM was different from those that we usually work with because we essentially had to make sure the parts weren’t “too good”– that is, that the resulting finish was not smoother than specified. Normally when we get a part with a 32-micro finish, anything under that is usually a good, quality part. In this example, however, the customer didn’t want the finish to exceed a 32-micro finish – they wanted their parts to have a specific, rough texture.

Have very specific part requirements that need to be met? As experts in OD grinding, especially maintaining tight profiles, straightness, roundness, and cylindricity, we can help. For more information on how we work with all of our customers to meet even their most stringent grinding expectations, contact Duval Precision Grinding today.

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