Duval Precision Grinding has decades of experience providing high-end precision grinding services for flight-critical components in the aerospace industry. Our clients include large scale manufacturers of commercial airliners, as well as customers in the military and defense industries. One of our recurring projects includes precision grinding metal tubes that serve as part of the control stick assembly for an advanced military helicopter used in combat and rescue operations. 

ITAR Certified Precision Grinding Services for Aerospace Components

diagram of helicopter control stick assemblyAs an ITAR-registered company with AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, Duval Precision Grinding is more than capable of completing complex precision grinding operations for military and defense applications. Our grinders are very familiar with the requirements for quality that are demanded by the military and will work tirelessly to ensure each component we produce is up to standard. These applications can present unique challenges in geometric complexity, high-tech coatings or plating, and strenuous tolerance requirements. Our team is always ready and able to do whatever it takes to return a good part. 

Helicopter Cyclic Control Stick Assembly Component Grinding

id grinding services for aerospace compoentsFor this particular customer, Duval performs a series of grinding operations on the metal tubes that are part of the helicopter’s cyclic control stick assembly.  The tubing is made of heat-treated stainless steel for maximum resilience and longevity during operation. Our team of experienced grinders have developed custom tooling and fixturing to complete an ID grinding operation on the mounting ends of the tubing. A second OD grinding operation is then performed to ensure the tubing will fit precisely into the cyclic control mount. It also ensures that the control grip handle can be securely mounted on the other end. Once complete, the parts go through our multi-step quality inspection process before they are sent back to the customer for final assembly. 

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