Recently, a producer of medical implants and devices approached Duval Precision Grinding with a particularly difficult job. The producer required ID grinding services for a femoral head made of titanium. There were specific areas on the equipment that needed improvement; the company entrusted our experienced precision grinders to help them make the necessary changes.

Femoral Head Implant with Tight Tolerances and Steep Angles

medical component grinding services

A medical component at Duval for precision grinding services

The part at hand was made of titanium, which is a notoriously difficult material to work with. It is used frequently for parts intended to be implanted in a human body because of its low weight, tensile strength and its high resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Additionally, this particular task required ID grinding at an abnormally steep angle with tight tolerance requirements of less than 0.0002”. It was vitally important that the implant be completed to the customer’s exact specifications, in order to function properly once implanted in the patient. This was one of the more difficult component geometries than what our grinders typically work with, but they were more than ready to once again rise to the challenge.

Experienced Grinding Experts Produce Reliable, High-Quality Results

Preparing the parts for grinding required some additional processes, which were critical for the success of the job. Our precision grinders worked with our process managers and quality inspectors to ensure that this highly challenging task was completed correctly. We tested the grinding process with various silicon carbide grinding wheels and dressing tools until the customer was satisfied with the yielded results. This was a prime example of the importance of preparation and process engineering. Thanks to careful calculation and precise machine set-up, Duval was able to make the necessary improvements and meet the customer’s tolerance specifications.

Do you have a complicated component with challenging geometries that needs precision grinding? Contact the professionals at Duval Precision Grinding, today.


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