Duval Precision Grinding has decades of experience performing precision grinding operations on complex geometries. Spherical OD Grinding is one of the most challenging geometries to grind. Because of our vast experience with grinding different materials and our ability to effectively utilize our equipment to grind this specific geometry, OEMs often choose Duval for their spherical OD grinding needs.

Custom CNC Programming Maintains Tight Tolerances on Spherical Objects

Our expert grinding team has the knowledge and experience needed to complete spherical OD grinding on a wide range of components. Common spherical components that Duval has worked with include bearing assemblies, ball valve components and spools for high-end industries such as the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Medical industries. Our grinders are able to complete spherical grinding work with tight tolerances up to .001”.

Spherical OD grinding can be quite challenging. The operator must be able to program the machine to achieve the required dimensions, which can be particularly hard given that the X-axis and the Z-axis will be moving at the same time. Most spherical OD grinding requires custom CNC programming to complete. If there are any particular specifications for the component, such as material considerations or coatings, our team works closely with the customer’s engineering team to achieve optimal results.

Tooling & Fixturing Designed For Each Spherical Component

grinding tool rack centers

Our grinders are able to grind spherical ODs on components made from any of the materials we work with, including plated and coated parts. Every spherical OD grinding operation requires special tooling and fixturing to ensure the machine is able to properly hold and locate the part. The fixture must allow for the grinding wheel to move along the entire outside diameter without the wheel making contact with the fixture.

At Duval, we believe in doing whatever it takes to return a quality part and our expert machinists have designed and fabricated customized grinding fixtures for a wide variety of projects. Combined with sophisticated custom CNC programming, we are able to produce high-quality spherical components as required.

Ensure Quality with Advanced Inspection Technology

All of our quality inspection processes are performed in a temperature controlled environment to mitigate the effects of thermal expansion and ensure accurate measurements. We guarantee the quality of every part we produce using a variety of quality assurance methods including a state of the art coordinate measurement machine (CMM), indicators, micrometers, and profilometers.

For more information about our spherical OD grinding capabilities, contact Duval Precision Grinding today.


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