Grinding intricate components can present a significant challenge for manufacturers, and forces grinders to consider elements that go beyond the simple act of bringing parts and tools together with the goal of removing material. Environmental factors, tooling limitations, process planning, and fixturing are all essential considerations. Challenging geometries may involve small parts with unusual shapes, such as a component with both cylindrical and square features on the same axis. Not only does it require special tooling, but also unique fixtures that can hold the piece firmly in place for grinding without causing damage to the surface of the part. 

Precise Grinding Specifications for Chrome Plated Components

Duval Precision Grinding was recently asked to perform OD grinding on a chrome-plated component for laboratory equipment. The manufacturer was working within a tight timeline and had established aggressive production deadlines. This challenge was further complicated when the component arrived at the DPG company without the chrome plating. Understanding the need for the component to have the proper plating before they could begin, Duval Precision Grinding reached out to the customer to coordinate the plating process with their plating supplier and correct the supply chain error.

Once the plated parts arrived back at Duval, the grinders faced complicated requirements that had to be met, and could not afford any missteps if they were going to have a chance of making up the time lost to the chrome plating issue. This specific part was used in various similar equipment models, which meant it would likely be exposed to a range of different operating environments. Since these parts may experience a range of different pressures, temperature extremes, and chemicals, it was essential that the plating was handled appropriately to meet the customer-specified tolerances that would result in the correct plating thickness and finish. The component had to be ground to very tight tolerances of less than .0005 with specific diameter requirements.

Custom Fixturing Resolves OD Grinding Problem

The final hurdle to overcome was the challenging geometry of the component. The small part combined cylindrical and square features on a single axis, so conventional faceplate or magnetic chuck fixtures, which would hold the component on the opposite side of the part during the grinding process, could not be used in this instance. 

But access to a team of highly skilled and experienced grinders who could apply decades of experience OD grinding intricate parts was what initially brought the customer to seek help from Duval Precision Grinding. The grinders at Duval Precision Grinding devised a solution: a custom grinding fixture that would fasten the square end in place to allow OD grinding along the cylindrical end of the component while safely stabilizing the part and preserving the integrity of the chrome plating throughout the grinding process. The entire job took less than two weeks to complete from the day DPG received the corrected chrome-plated component from the manufacturer’s plating supplier, exceeding expectations and restoring the OEM’s ambitious manufacturing timeline. 

Decades of Expertise in Finish Grinding for Demanding Industries

Decades of grinding expertise, practical process engineering, and a history of delivering exceptional results for global OEMs in some of the world’s most demanding industries are just a few of the reasons manufacturers put their trust in Duval Precision Grinding. Duval provides a level of expertise in finish grinding that other vendors simply can’t beat by providing accurate, reliable, and consistent results.

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