Recently, Duval provided an OEM with precision grinding services for a high volume order with a tight turnaround time. The customer approached our team seeking to grind a large order of components that would be used in automation equipment for a manufacturing facility. Any inaccuracies in the parts could potentially be translated to the products being manufactured, so reliably meeting the customer’s specifications was of utmost importance. 

A Versatile Equipment Collection Gives Duval the Capability to Grind a Variety of Complex Geometries

Made of high-quality, resilient heat-treated steel, the parts did not require any additional coatings or plating. The customer’s design was very precise, specifying tolerances as tight as 0.0003” with a less than 5 microfinish. Completing the order would require a simple OD grinding operation, as well as a more complex, tapered ID spindle grinding operation. 

ID tapers are typically used for tooling locks or similar components. The operation involves grinding the female receiver on a taper that will be paired with the opposite male piece on an angle so that they can lock and unlock easily. 

Typically, OD grinding and tapered ID grinding would be performed on separate machines. However, our precision machinists were able to perform both grinding operations on a specialized Toyoda OD grinder that can easily be adapted for ID Taper work. This machine has an attachment that can be engaged to complete ID work. By completing all of the grinding work on one machine, we were able to maximize efficiency and complete the order on time. 

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