As we reach the end of a summer underscored by rampant wildfires along the West Coast, firefighters are relying on companies that provide aerial firefighting equipment to help address different needs. One of the companies that manufacture and maintain this critical equipment recently reached out to Duval Precision Grinding with a request to grind a small but vitally important tool: an inspection tool used to verify the OD on a splined component. The gauge also served to identify if the part could be reused in its current state.

Grinding Critical Tools For Aircraft Overhaul

How can you tell when this particular spline is worn? A quick method of inspection would be using a NO-GO gauge.  NO-GO gauges are inspection tools to verify that a specific feature is not outside of the print dimensions. This job involved a ring-style NO-GO gauge used to check the OD of a splined component for wear. The gauge also served as a dimensional inspection tool to identify if the part could be reused in its current state or required replacement.

These gauges are important because they can simultaneously assess tolerances for correctness and confirm functionality for mating parts, a critical step for any aircraft overhaul facility. Use of the gauge is simple: If the gauge fits over the spline (GO) the part could not be used in its current state. If the gauge did not fit over the spline (NO-GO), the part could be used again safely.

Rapid Turnaround For Aerospace Manufacturing Tool Grinding

The process required Rotary Surface grinding, OD grinding, and ID grinding, as well as a Certificate of Compliance for its completion. Challenges to overcome during the development and finish grinding phases included a tight tolerance on the ID of ± .0001” and a rapid turnaround time with 20 hrs of grind time for this job. 

Duval Precision Grinding specializes in precision grinding services, helping component manufacturers and OEMs in industries like aerospace, food processing, lab instrumentation, defense, and more. With our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled team, we use computerized and manual precision grinding methods to meet each customer’s unique needs and specifications.  Our main objective is returning high-quality parts quickly and at an affordable cost, with an unwavering dedication to being the best in our trade. Contact Duval Precision Grinding today and take pride in bringing your customers the added value that decades of precision grinding experience can supply.

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