On occasion, an RFQ will have very precise specifications dictated by the standards of a particular industry. In the case of aerospace components, these parts will experience extreme environments, temperatures, and stresses, so the components need to be crafted with the highest quality and ground to tight tolerances to meet client specifications as well as industry standards. Duval Precision Grinding is  AS9100 certified, NADCAP-accredited,  and executes a high volume of finish grinding for a wide range of aerospace OEMs. This certification assures clients that DPG has invested in the quality management system requirements specifically for the aerospace industry.

ID Grinding for Aerospace Components

One recent client sent an RFQ requesting ID grinding for specific parts that will operate inside the steering wheel housing of an aircraft landing gear assembly. The experienced grinders at Duval understood the critical nature of holding precise tolerances to ensure the reliability and correct function of the part.

The client provided the RFQ for ID grinding for aircraft steering housing with drawings detailing the bore tolerances and concentricity— within .0003. Duval Precision Grinding has extensive experience working on bearing housings and similar parts that had differing types of materials and coatings. The grinders went to work, executing ID grinding to bring the bores that were between 3″ to 4″ in diameter and with a maximum depth of 8 inches to the correct print dimension. 

Bearing Housing Materials Require Strength, Durability

The housing was made out of lightweight titanium that provided high strength. However, this material didn’t offer the wear resistance the unit would need if it were to be used for landing gear assemblies. The aircraft housing would undergo a range of environmental stressors when in operation including impact, and axial loads. To combat this hazard the parts were then sent to have hardened steel liners installed before returning to Duval for finish ID grinding of the liners. 

The aerospace industry requires equipment and machinery to operate under extreme loads, environments, and stresses. It becomes essential to have a precision ID grinding provider that understands these high demands as their processes should provide internal diameter grinding work that will meet tight tolerances. 

Duval Precision Grinding is a grinding service leader with decades of expertise. They have the expert grinders and the aerospace certifications that OEMs look for when searching for a trusted and reliable company that can provide finish grinding for aircraft components. Contact Duval today for expert finish grinding that meets the most stringent industry standards. 


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