Over a long holiday weekend, Duval Precision Grinding received a request from a large-scale manufacturer of aerospace components for expedited precision grinding services of complex landing gears.The client called to request delivery of two out of ten landing gears in order to avoid shutting down their production line. Our team of dedicated precision grinders pulled together to work through the holiday and deliver two fully processed parts, enabling the customer to keep their production workflow moving forward.

Tight Production Schedules Leave No Room for Delay or Mistakes

The aerospace industry is highly competitive, which means any delay in production can be detrimental. The client, one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products, could not afford to shut down their production line over the long weekend and needed two out of ten landing gears delivered fast to avoid costly delays.

Duval Precision Grinding excels at aerospace component grinding and is committed to meeting the challenges presented by their clients. The Duval team is familiar with tight deadlines; with more than 70 years of grinding experience and long standing competence with processing complex landing gears, our grinders are well equipped to process these kind of customer requests without delay.

Duval Works with Customers to Deliver Complex Components On Time

When it comes to exceeding expectations for both customer service and production, Duval demonstrates dedication and understanding. Our expert staff made sure the team was available to complete orders over the weekend to ensure customer satisfaction. By working through the holiday weekend, we were able to complete this urgent job without disrupting the customer’s scheduled workflow. The client was so impressed by the dedication of our team, its senior engineer called to thank the team for all the hard work.

Our commitment to our customers is demonstrated by our flexibility and willingness to help clients complete their demands at their convenience. Duval was ready to meet this major challenge and go the extra mile to meet the customer’s expectations.

We understand that finding a vendor qualified to handle high-quality jobs can be a huge obstacle. It is our goal to provide reliable, efficient, and flexible precision grinding services that keep customer production schedules on track. This responsiveness and dedication reduces risk for OEMs and allows for greater efficiency and productivity. For responsive, reliable precision grinding services of complex components, contact the experts at Duval Precision Grinding today.

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