The team at Duval Precision Grinding has decades of experience working with aerospace equipment components and manufacturers. We are deeply familiar with the needs and requirements of the industry which makes us the ideal choice for OEMs seeking precision grinding services for aerospace components with tight turnaround times. 

Recently, we were approached by a manufacturer who needed cylindrical OD grinding for a series of plated sleeves. The tolerances for this project averaged 0.0003” total, with some sleeves having specified tolerances as low as 0.0001” total. Though the job only needed a standard between centers set up, our team of grinders would need to account for custom variances in sizing for each of the components. 

Adjusting For Custom Feeds & Speeds, Variances in Sizing

The sleeves required cylindrical OD grinding to complete. The target size for each item in the order changed from part to part—one part would be exactly 1.000”, while the next would be 1.001”, followed by 1.002” and so on. Our team would need to be mindful of these variances throughout the grinding process while working as efficiently as possible to meet the customer’s deadline. 

Additionally, the feeds and speeds for this project had to be within customer-specific parameters. In certain industries and applications, grinding is considered a special process, and if not done correctly can be destructive. Overheating, cracking, molecular hardening or softening can all occur if the grinding operation exceeds any of the feeds and speeds, which are determined by the OEM’s engineers. Our team was able to successfully maintain the recommended parameters to complete the necessary cylindrical OD grinding operations. 

For more information about cylindrical OD grinding for aerospace components and more, contact the experts at Duval Precision Grinding, today. 


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