A producer of industrial, motion-control equipment recently approached Duval Precision Grinding for the production of custom grinding tools and fixtures. The customer had the capability to perform in-house grinding operations, but they lacked the fixtures to help them achieve the level of precision their product specifications required.

optimize grinding lean principlesMaintaining Tight Tolerances on Custom Grinding Arbors

The customer needed a series of grinding arbors made of stainless steel. The arbors were to be average in size with no special features except for extremely tight tolerance requirements. They would undergo a secondary heat treatment at another facility before returning to the customer, who would apply a final treatment to maximize strength. Maintaining the tolerances for the tools was the most challenging part of production and the client needed a grinder that could produce the parts to their exact specifications.

At Duval, Precision Is Our Only Product

The customer was initially skeptical that Duval’s capabilities would be able to meet the specifications they required. The promised results sounded “too good to be true.” However, here at Duval, precision is our only product. It is what we do. After inspecting the first grinding arbor Duval produced, they were so impressed that they not only ordered the rest of that lot, they placed RFQs for seven other parts and are looking forward to a long and productive relationship with Duval Precision Grinding.

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